Case Studies on the bushfire waste clean-up

Adelaide Hills Bushfire waste clean-up, 2020


Kangaroo Island bushfire waste clean-up 2020



Gosse landfill pit, bushfire waste, Kangaroo Island 2020


What residents have said about the bushfire waste clean-up

Below are some quotes from residents in the Adelaide Hills and on Kangaroo Island about their experience with the Green Industries SA led clean up:


“That’s what people in rural communities do – you sort of think this is our lot and we’ll just have to get on with it. We didn’t know that Green Industries SA existed, and we thought we’ll just have to get on and do our best…. We thought it was too good to be true.”

“We didn’t have electricity from 20 December until right up until the end of March and we were on a generator. Believe me [the clean-up was very, very helpful – nothing was too much trouble. Respect to them – they were the right people at the right time – they just knew how to talk to us.”

“Green Industries SA was one of the most organised of the agencies after the fire, when one of their staff came out for a site visit and one of the first things he said was: ‘Is everything ok? Are you coping?' And he didn’t have to do that – he really made it personal”

“Those guys have done an absolutely fantastic job which has really made all the difference.”

“Green Industries SA were absolutely amazing – all the help and support we’ve got… seriously I’m not used to asking for anything – I’m always a giver and to be taking is really hard for me.  To get that support was phenomenal. It just made me cry that people cared so much that they can make it easier for me to move on. The house clean-up had to be done and it would have cost so much – we didn’t have insurance.”


GISA would like to thank bushfire affected residents for your resilience and cooperation. We also ackonwledge the tireless work of the teams at both local recovery centres in the Adelaide Hills and on Kangaroo Island for their assistance in coordinating and support the clean-up.