Resource Productivity Assessments - Preferred Suppliers

The Preferred Supplier List established as part of the South Australian Government Trade Waste Initiative provides businesses with access to a list of suppliers assessed as being capable of delivering 'resource productivity assessment' services in accordance with the Trade Waste Initiative Resource Productivity Assessment Guideline.

All suppliers in the Preferred Supplier List have passed an application and assessment process coordinated by Green Industries SA, in conjunction with other Government Agencies that form the Trade Waste Initiative Inter-Agency Assessment Panel. Applications are accepted in written form only, and are assessed in accordance with an agreed set of evaluation criteria as determined by the Trade Waste Initiative Inter-Agency Assessment Panel.

Listed suppliers have been deemed capable of supplying services in accordance with the Resource Productivity Assessment Guideline; however prospective grant applicants seeking services from a supplier in the Preferred Supplier List should take steps to ensure the supplier is suitable for their needs.

To be eligible for the Trade Waste Initiative - Resource Productivity Assessment grant funding, a proposal or quote from one of the suppliers in the Preferred Supplier List is required and will form the basis of a Resource Productivity Assessment grant application. A quote may be sought from one or more of the suppliers in the Preferred Supplier List.

Selection of the supplier is at the sole discretion of the prospective grant applicant seeking services as part of the Trade Waste Initiative. The Office of Green Industries SA suggests that selection of the supplier should be based on an evaluation that covers:

  • value for money;
  • supplier capability to deliver the services in accordance with the Resource Productivity Assessment Guideline, including consideration of any previous work undertaken by or for the business that can be incorporated in the resource productivity assessment to avoid duplication; and
  • delivery timeframes.

The Office of Green Industries SA can be contacted to assist with the Request for Quote process, but will not be involved in decision-making regarding supplier selection.

Please refer to the Trade Waste Initiative Application Guideline and Resource Productivity Assessment Guidelines for further details on eligibility and the grant application and assessment process.

Preferred Supplier List

Nick Palousis, 0408 896 552

2XE is an award winning South Australian-based engineering consulting team that specialises in helping food and beverage businesses improve their productivity and reduce waste through smarter use of resources and processes. We have a strong track record of success in the industry, having worked with over 80 food and beverage manufacturers (from small businesses to large multinationals) across Australia to identify and implement solutions to their trade waste and broader productivity problems. With qualifications in process engineering, business management, chemical and environmental science, our team possess the diversity of skills and knowledge required to tackle any resource productivity or trade waste problem.

Colby Industries (in association with Arup)
Chris Colby, 0410 088 839

We work with small and large businesses and/or manufacturers to save them money by finding smarter ways to manage their trade waste, energy, materials and water. This includes how to increase business productivity and/or improve services and products, to deliver greater financial gains. We will help you understand and identify your opportunities, assess them, and then prioritise and choose the solution that best meets your business's circumstances. We have experience across many sectors including: wine & beverage, food processing, primary production, retail, manufacturing, defence, mining, pharmaceutical, not-for-profit, aged care and government. Importantly, we follow through by working with clients to deliver and achieve outcomes.

EfficientSee Pty Ltd
Quentin Roberts, 0437 170 999

Our number one goal for our customers is making savings happen. We deliver these savings by partnering with our customers and focusing on areas such as; trade waste, energy, water and process efficiency. We have a team of enthusiastic and experienced specialists, who are committed to working with you in progressing your resource productivity endeavors. We first identify and assess opportunities, then analyse these options, prioritising those of most importance. To enable continuity, we can also activate solutions and measure the results. Our proven and unique approach, guarantees end results hence your investment in us will always bring a return. We have a proven track record over seven years in delivering results across a range of sectors including; automotive, manufacturing, mining, water/wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical, packaging, food and beverage, not-for-profit, aged care, local government and education.

GHD Pty Ltd
Mitch Laginestra, 08 8111 6600

GHD has extensive and practical experience in providing solutions in the assessment and management of water and wastes in industrial applications, and has been delivering innovative solutions for 80 years.  Specialising in water efficiency, trade waste minimisation, wastewater treatment and recycling, we have developed site specific outcomes for a range of clients, overcoming excessive water use and water quality issues.

Services comprise facility auditing, wastewater characterisation, water savings and re-use, treatment operational trouble shooting and optimisation, design, upgrade specifications and project management. 

SMEC Australia Pty Ltd
Gavin Lush, 0414 457 525 or (08) 8225 9849

SMEC has provided environmental, wastewater, and energy consulting services for over 35 years. SMEC can provide a complete overview of facilities' energy and waste usage and make recommendations for improvement opportunities. We provide clients with a documented strategy of options to improve energy efficiency, waste water, and reduced OPEX costs.

SMEC has undertaken specific trade waste related reviews for produce, food and beverage, and dairy industries, including: alternative washing and cleaning methods; pH correction; use of dissolved air flotation (DAF) for dairy wastes; separating flows in house to optimize use of RO system; staff training on spill management and product dumps.


Using the Preferred Supplier List

The engagement of services from the selected supplier from the Preferred Supplier List, and responsibility for the payment of the services provided by that supplier, lies entirely with the grantee. The State of South Australia (including Green Industries SA) accepts no liability of any kind in that regard and the grantee must not proceed with its application unless it accepts that exclusion of liability. Those grantees will be required to have a formal arrangement with their chosen supplier specifying project delivery and payment terms. Grantees must contribute a minimum of 50% of resource productivity assessment costs and will be required to provide evidence to the Office of Green Industries SA that payments have been made to the supplier (i.e. a receipt of purchase issued to the grantee from the supplier). Suppliers may request confirmation from the Office of Green Industries SA that funding to the grantee has been approved prior to commencing the requested services.

Applying for inclusion on the Preferred Supplier List
Applications for the Preferred Supplier List closed on January 20, 2017.


For queries please contact:

Oliver Lovat

Project Officer, Trade Waste Initiative: 0437 641 138